Historical flags of Armenia

Armenian historicians reconstructed arms of Mamikonjan dynasty: double-headed eagle holding an animal in his claws. Reconstruction based on sculptures in village Dsekh (VII c) and other old villages of Armenia. In "Armenian History" of Favstos Buzand (V c) we read about ancient banner of Mamikonjans - red banner with white double-headed eagle holding a bow.

According to works of R.Matevosjan

Banners of ancient armenian state Kilikia reconstructed as purple banners with white crosses.

Royal banner of Lusignan dynasty (XIV) was white-red-blue-yellow.

According article of V.Saprykov in "Science and life" magazine

Armenian emigrants in Paris made national flag in 1885. It was red, green, blue vertical tricolour (looked like french tricolour) Author of the flag - father Leon Alishan. Colours symbolize the rainbow, seen by Bible Noah when he stay at the mount Ararat`s top.

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